General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Use of Web Portal, Applications and / or Web Components


Always looking to manage an environment of transparency with you is that we put at your disposal our Terms and Conditions, which must be accepted before finalizing the purchase process, Happy Tours Travel Agency Inc. (hereinafter Happy Tours) reserves the right to make adjustments or improvements at any time to this document and any means of communication or interaction with our Customers (any person who has purchased a product or service marketed by Happy Tours).


The use of our web portal, applications and / or web components by our visitors (hereinafter User) certifies the full, direct, consent and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the provisions included in these Terms and Conditions, by We invite you to read carefully and carefully these Terms and Conditions, as (as we have indicated above) may change or change.


Some of the services we offer from third parties have specific characteristics of the service (in Advance Particular Features) and as the case may substitute or complement the Terms and Conditions, which will be clearly displayed as additional information for the User, User Registration and / or Client. Due to the proper consideration of the particular characteristics they may not be available in Spanish language, Happy Tours will always search that the information can be provided in this language, however, and when defined directly by the service provider, Happy Tours can not take the attribution of carrying out a translation and at the same time providing an interpretation of said own definitions.




The use, navigation and access to our web portal, applications and / or web components, are free. However, the services we offer and / or commercialize are subject to a payment for such provision of services, Happy Tours may in some cases include an amount for said benefit or assistance, which will always be indicated clearly in the process of purchase.


2. Brands, logos and suppliers


Any brand, logo and / or name of supplier that are displayed on our web portal, applications and / or web components are used solely for informational purposes and are the property of their respective owners or the owner of the intellectual property right.


3. Registration / Affiliation and User Responsibility


The access and navigation to our web Portal, applications and / or web components does not require prior registration. However, access to rates and / or special agreements for certain services will require a registration, the User is free to opt for registration or not; If you agree with the Happy Tours registry, you will have the appropriate forms for that purpose. Therefore it is communicated that all the data provided and registered in the forms that are provided in the User registration process, will be automatically registered and stored in the Happy Tours database, obtaining at that time the quality of Registered User.


The Registered User grants full and direct consent and consent to periodically receive communication not limited to electronic submissions, telephone calls, SMS messages, social media contact with advertising, news, reminders, inviting them to competitions, inviting them to conduct surveys for the generation of statistics and other referrals to tourism and generated by Happy Tours, on services or products offered by Happy Tours, in the same way Happy Tours will have necessary and clear mechanisms for a Registered User to unsubscribe from this service, for which Happy Tours You could request a one-time survey to fill out a very small survey by looking up the reason for the request to leave the service.


Happy Tours declares that the personal information provided will not be delivered in use, commercialized, sold, rented or transferred in any way to any entity or natural person and that its sole purpose will be to maintain a regular communication with our Registered Users.


Happy Tours, will consider a Customer to all that User or Registered User who has the legal age of majority at the time of making the purchase and that by regulation of service acquired and at the time of its use can demonstrate said capacity.


Happy Tours will take as information that entered by User or Registered User at the time of booking, considering that the Client has entered exactly the information as it appears on their valid and current identity document (ID / DNI / Passport or Alien Registration Card).

Happy Tours may request, when deemed necessary, a copy of the travel or identity document to validate said information, safeguarding the personal information of our Client at all times.


The User or Registered User is solely responsible for knowing the requirements and validity of migrations (Visas, Passports, Notarial Permits for Minors, Valid Identity Documents, etc.), customs (products that do not pay or if they pay taxes) and health rules of the destination (vaccinations, health alerts), Happy Tours is not responsible for ensuring or validating such knowledge by the Client, therefore the User, Registered User and / or Customer is directly responsible for having the corresponding documentation required by the relevant authorities. The process, management and obtaining of the corresponding visa (s) to visit a country is the sole responsibility of the Client. Therefore, Happy Tours can not be held responsible for any problems that the Client may suffer due to not having the documents in the conditions required by the corresponding authorities.


Passengers are required to re-confirm their flight 72 (seventy-two) hours before departure with the airline with which they are traveling. In addition, passengers are required to arrive at the respective counter 3 (three) hours before departure for international travel and 2 (two) hours before departure for domestic or national travel. We can not be responsible for the changes of flights made by the airline, but if these setbacks occur we will see how to assist and help. If the passenger loses or does not show up for his flight and does not notify the airline of the reason why he can not present himself, the passenger assumes all responsibility for any change or cancellation or in any case lose the value of the ticket.

If the Customer does not take a service previously agreed on the date, time and in an unjustified manner, he can not hold Happy Tours responsible for the actions taken by the service provider. Under this scenario, any request for reimbursement may not be received.


4. Quotes and Reservations Paid


For services managed through the booking engine, the process and the generation of a reservation code will be immediate, the charge will be processed in a period no longer than 24 hours. The prices or services are not guaranteed until the collection is processed. For quotation or budgeting services, Happy Tours will assign a specialist in the destination that will attend your query in a time not longer than 24 hours on business days.


At the time of submitting a quote (budget based on request) Happy Tours sends the estimated price, Happy Tours will always seek to respect the prices until the issuance of tickets, vouchers or service vouchers, however the modification thereof It is possible because it is the suppliers who deliver this information, Happy Tours will use the mechanisms available to inform the User or Registered User of the change in the referred price; the price will not change or change as long as the product or service is confirmed with payment of the same.


5. Insurance


It is a good practice to take out travel insurance as a contingency or help out of the country, it is important to consider that travel insurance does not allow cancellations, so they can not be reimbursed.


6. Luggage


The Client is solely responsible for the custody of their luggage and documentation so that the loss, theft and / or damage to the Client's luggage is not the responsibility of Happy Tours, therefore we recommend the Client to take out travel insurance. Depending on the air fare acquired and only on certain airlines and routes, an approximate weight of between 15 - 32 Kilos for hold baggage and a maximum of 8 Kilos as hand luggage is assigned, considering the latter a particular size, Any case for more detail should be sent to the website of the airline that always has the latest information regarding these policies, so it is the sole responsibility of the customer to comply with these parameters. It should be noted that for routes in Europe and within the United States of America most flights do not allow baggage in the hold, by regulations of the same airlines.


7. Date Changes


The air tickets do not allow date changes without first considering the availability of the new date and second then considering the penalty plus fare difference if applicable. Likewise, the client must be aware that there are special or special rates that do not allow any type of date changes or modifications for any circumstance. The date changes referring to other types of services will depend on the conditions and availability indicated by the corresponding service provider.


8. Offered Services, Commitment and Responsibility of Happy Tours


Happy Tours does not provide, loan or manage the services or products marketed in our web portal, applications and / or web components, these are the responsibility of each of the providers depending on the type of service or product. Happy Tours is the intermediary between the User or Registered User and the provider a certain service; being our participation as a negotiator that seeks to present a set of alternatives for the purchase option of the User or Registered User, therefore the User or Registered User acknowledges and accepts that Happy Tours does not provide the service or product purchased, without it prevent Happy Tours from offering the greatest amount of support and interest so that these services or contracted products are delivered to the User or Registered User in accordance with the characteristics offered at the time of purchase.


Happy Tours is not responsible for acts of fortuitous event or force majeure, weather phenomena that occur before or during the development of services in a way that complicates the total or partial execution of these, as well as changes in schedules, cancellations and / or re-schedules of flights, cruises, trains, buses, however, as we have indicated in the previous paragraph and as intermediaries that we are, Happy Tours will offer all the help so that the User or Registered User has a solution against their time and If applicable, support with the request for the respective reimbursements.


The rates displayed on our web portal, applications and / or web components for each type of service offered are according to the provider and include taxes and other applicable taxes or charges, which will be detailed according to the information provided, commission or other charges may be applied and will always be visible and clear to the User or Registered User.


The acquisition of a service through our web portal, applications and / or web components, implies the explicit acceptance of the User or Registered User to the Terms and Conditions expressed herein and also to the Particular Characteristics of the provider in question; so we urge the User or Registered User to review these particular conditions.


Happy Tours reserves the authority to authorize the processing or not of any service sale operation, resulting from an alert or suspected fraud attempt, Happy Tours has its own fraud prevention system that evaluates operations and / or online transactions . In the event that an operation is considered risky, other payment options will be presented to the User or Registered User.


9. Cancellations


In most cases Happy Tours will charge commission for the cancellation service, however each service provider maintains its own cancellation policies which must also be observed and respected. Happy Tours will provide cancellation policy before the end of purchase.


10. Claims and / or Complaints


Any complaint and / or complaint may be directed to or by calling 800-570-9999 or within the claims portal within the website.


11. Refunds, Withdrawals and Withdrawals


The majority of air tickets are not reimbursable, neither transferable nor endorsable, any other request for reimbursement related to another type of service will depend exclusively on the provider providing the service, its processes and its requirements.


To initiate the process of requesting reimbursement, within the first 15 calendar days of the end of the service (during office hours) and in writing all documentation justifying or supporting said request must be submitted, in addition to being signed by the Client who made the request. purchase, after this period of time and under no circumstances will any refund request be accepted.


For all reimbursements, a Refund Service will be charged with a FEE CASH or an MCO 890 (USA), as the case may be. To do so, you must CANCEL the RESERVE, to avoid a NO SHOW or SUSPEND the TICKET (since this would leave the air ticket without value which causes a debit memo).


If the air ticket was paid by credit card, the refund will be made to the credit card via ARC and this takes the average time of 15 to 30 days, if the air ticket was paid in Cash or cash, it will be reported to the Reporting Department / Refunds who will notify Accounts Payable so that the respective refund is made.


If the Stamp is due to death or illness, a LEGIBLE copy of the CERTIFICATES or pertinent documents supporting the reasons for the reimbursement must be attached.


All documentation and / or communication to the Reporting Department / Refunds should be sent to the e-mail:


The policies for the reimbursement of services not rendered due to force majeure or fortuitous event, action or omission not attributable to the travel agency will be defined by each operator, so Happy Tours is not jointly and severally liable for the amounts requested in reimbursement.


12. Service Cutting / Suspension


Happy Tours regularly maintains its servers, however we can not be responsible for the unavailability of certain services or online connections with our service providers.


13. Final Considerations


Although these Terms and Conditions are shown to the User or Registered User before the end of the purchase process and are required to accept them to continue with the final process, it also considers the acceptance of the same:

• The total payment of the contracted services.

• The use of one of the contracted services.

• Acceptance of the invoice and / or tax receipt related to the services acquired.


Failure by the User or Registered User of any of the preceding conditions, or others contained in these Terms and Conditions and / or Particular Features may involve the immediate withdrawal of your account.




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